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Do You Have Water Damage Coverage?

Posted on 8/23/2017 4:55 AM By Mike Pynnonen

Leaky pipe?  Busted washing machine hose?  Hot water heater blow out?  You are covered for the damage caused by all of the water on your brand new hard wood floors, right?  Well....maybe....

Prepare Your Home!

Posted on 5/1/2017 11:30 AM By Mike Pynnonen

Where are you going?  Heading back up north or taking the kids on a trip out west for a month should have you considering how to properly protect your home while you are away.  Lock it up and run, right?  Wrong.

Roof Check!

Posted on 4/6/2017 11:21 AM . By Mike Pynnonen

When was the last time you had your roof checked?  If you are like most...probably never.  Even when you know your roof is getting old and maybe some tiles are missing you just hope and pray that it will be okay and you do everything possible to not think about it.  I get it...roofs are expensive, and what if you find you need a new one...how are you going to afford that?  Deep breath.....

Do You Really Have "Full Coverage"?

Posted on 3/17/2017 8:14 AM . By Mike Pynnonen

As many times as I brace myself for this inevitable response i still cringe every time I hear a client refer to his or her auto insurance limits as being "I have full coverage."  What does "full coverage" really mean?  I guess the more important question is what do YOU think "full coverage" means? 

Let me be clear, and please excuse my all caps in advance....THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS "FULL COVERAGE"!

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