Let's Talk - Here's How

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Happy New Year!

Our team is excited to kick off 2019, and we wanted to remind you of your importance to us.  We are coming into our busiest time of the year, which is very exciting.  That said, we want to make sure that we are responding to your needs in a timely, efficient manner.  Customer service is our priority, and we have listed some contact information below that will help you in reaching your agent and or support staff:

Main Line - 239-254-0127

Mike Pynnonen (Vice President):  [email protected] // Phone, Fax, Text - 239-676-6634

Mike also has an assigned Account Administrator for any payment or service related questions.

Kimberly Roblero:  [email protected] // Phone, Fax, Text - 239-676-6623


Ryan Reynolds (Agent):  [email protected] // Phone, Fax, Text - 239-676-6619

Ryan also has an assigned Account Administrator for payment or service related questions.

Makayla Calloway:  [email protected] // Phone, Fax, Text - 239-206-4897


Lindsey Rounds (Agent):  [email protected] // Phone, Fax, Text - 239-280-5476

Lindsey also has an assigned Account Administrator for any payment or service related questions.

Daniela Montejo:  [email protected] // Phone, Fax, Text - 239-205-2830


Libby Schoessel (Agent):  [email protected] // Phone, Fax, Text - 239-330-9695


Last but not least, I would like to introduce myself.  I assist all of our agents and clients as Vice President of Client Services.  In addition to assisting all agents, I over see the service team in a managerial role.  If I have not yet had the opportunity to speak with you, I certainly hope to soon!  I take my role very seriously because I know that our clients deserve fantastic service, and protecting what is important to you is not something I take lightly.

 Sara Barcarolo (Vice President of Client Services):  [email protected] // Phone, Fax, Text - 239-330-4566

Thank you for your loyalty and trust that you have given us, and we look forward to continuing to work diligently for our community in 2019!

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