What our Coral Springs Clients say about us

"Ryan Reynolds did a great job educating me about my insurance policy. After speaking with him, I realized I was insured under the wrong policy jeopardizing my chance to recoup compensation in the event of a claim. He handled the transition to the new policy in a very professional manner that caused little inconvenience to myself. I would highly recommend this agent to anyone."
- Robert Fredrick

I've been insured with them since September of this year. I have my auto and homeowners insurance through their carriers. Not only were they extremely competitive the customer service is the best bar none I've dealt with Mike and Libby in all my issues and they have been excellent in addressing them. I highly recommend GaltInsurance group for all your insurance needs .
- John A. (Naples, FL)

I just switched to Galt Insurance this past year and I have been so impressed by their quick and professional service. When shopping for car insurance, Mr. Reynolds gave me a detailed package of what my options were and made the transition smooth and easy. Shopping for insurance in the past for me has process that had been very stressful, however Galt Insurance made a breeze.
- Patti W. (Naples, FL)

Auto Insurance for Coral Springs Drivers

If you live in the Coral Springs/Fort Myers area you are probably familiar with State Road 81. This is a dangerous stretch of highway where nearly 200 auto accidents occurred and 13 people lost their lives over a four year period. The fact is, you can never tell who you are going to meet on the road in Coral Springs, Florida because we live in a tourist area and tourists are not always the best drivers. This is why you need the best possible auto insurance and Florida minimums on liability are woefully insufficient. Let's look at Ted B in our example story, to demonstrate.

Each day Ted took State Road 869 to the Florida Turnpike and back and wanted dependable transportation, so he bought a 10 year old pickup truck. The truck was in fair condition, but Ted didn't want to pay a lot for insurance, so he only took out what he needed by law. Ted's insurance agent warned him that minimal liability was very risky because of the very low limits, but Ted didn't listen to his agent. He thought the agent only wanted to sell him additional car insurance coverage to make more money.

Six months later Ted's truck was totally destroyed when a large tree in his yard fell over during a heavy rain storm. Because he had no comprehensive insurance, his truck was a total loss and he was without transportation for some time. This inexpensive coverage would have paid for the value of his truck.

Why Carry Auto Insurance in Florida?

You are required by law to take out liability coverage if you drive a car and live here. However, you only need 10/20/10 insurance and here is what this means:

  • $10,000 PIP (personal injury protection)
  • $20,000 injury protection for everyone involved in an accident
  • $10,000 personal property damage claims

Since it's not unusual for one hospital bill to be over $50,000 (if someone is injured) you could be liable for an additional $40,000 or more. What would you do if someone driving your car accidentally slid into a brand new SUV (worth $45,000) and totaled it? You would be $35,000 in debt after the claim was paid.

Does Everyone Need Car Insurance?

The law applies to all drivers living here, employed here, or with children attending school in the state. In addition, if you have serious driving convictions on your record you may be required to carry additional liability insurance protection.

What's in a Standard Insurance Policy?

A typical policy may include these options if you have a loan on the vehicle:Coral Springs Covered Bridge

  • Liability coverage
  • Collision insurance
  • Comprehensive
  • Uninsured/underinsured drivers

Are There Car Insurance Options?

You could have several different options to consider. For example:

  • Increasing your liability protection - 10/20/10 will not pay much for any kind of major accident. You should consider raising these limits considerably and the additional cost is not that much. Plus it is well worth the peace of mind that comes with the added insurance.
  • Roadside assistance - if you do not already have auto club
  • Increase deductible amounts - this can lower your premiums
  • Dropping coverage - if you own the car free and clear you have the option of dropping liability and comprehensive.

Who Can I Talk to about Car Insurance?

Sign for Coral Springs Covered BridgeWhen you need to insure your car in Coral Springs, Florida consider all the benefits that come with a full service independent insurance agency like Galt Insurance Group. We do business with some of the best insurers in the state and because we are independent, we are not tied down to just one insurance company.

Your independent agent has your best interests at heart and years of experience in the insurance industry. You can depend on your agent for straightforward and honest advice when it comes to insuring your car, home, business, healthcare and life.

With Galt Insurance Group, you have someone to help you with claims services when needed and you won't have to worry about shopping insurance companies and comparing coverage. This is all done for you. To get a free quote on your insurance just click on the "Quote Today!" link and of course you are always welcome to call our office at 239-254-0127 and you may dial 1-800-BUY-GALT toll free.