What our Coral Springs Clients say about us

"Ryan Reynolds did a great job educating me about my insurance policy. After speaking with him, I realized I was insured under the wrong policy jeopardizing my chance to recoup compensation in the event of a claim. He handled the transition to the new policy in a very professional manner that caused little inconvenience to myself. I would highly recommend this agent to anyone."
- Robert Fredrick

Mike is our rep at Galt insurance and he is amazing. Last year we purchase our new home and he made sure everything was in order between the mortgage company, the home builder, and the insurance company. He walked us through everything and answered all our questions so that we had peace of mind. After our mortgage company was changed to another company he followed up promptly to ensure everything was done correctly and the appropriate information was on file. Truly great service.
- Janet M. (Parkland, FL)

I've been insured with them since September of this year. I have my auto and homeowners insurance through their carriers. Not only were they extremely competitive the customer service is the best bar none I've dealt with Mike and Libby in all my issues and they have been excellent in addressing them. I highly recommend GaltInsurance group for all your insurance needs .
- John A. (Naples, FL)

Home Insurance in Coral Springs, Florida Pays for the Unexpected

Coral Springs, Florida is a great place to live. It has been ranked among the best cities in the United States by many different organizations. In fact, it is considered to be one of the safest cities to live in but this doesn't mean that the unexpected cannot occur. It's easy to become complacent and we may sometimes forget that the weather in Broward County can change rapidly (as with Hurricane Wilma) and other things can happen. The best way to be prepared is to have the right plans in place and the right kind of home insurance coverage. Here is an example.

Suppose you plan to go out for the evening. Maybe you are going to spend some time at the Museum or Art on Coral Springs Drive or catch a Broadway show at the Broward Stage Door Theatre in Pompano Beach. Afterward, you are going to the Big Bear Brewing Company restaurant for one of their famous burgers. After a lovely evening you come to home a complete mess and discover someone has broken in, rummaged through the entire house and stole some very valuable possessions, including antiques and artwork. When you contact your homeowners insurance agent you are told these valuables were not listed in the policy so they will not be covered. This can happen if you are unaware of what your policy covers. That kind of loss can be very difficult to deal with and doesn't have to happen.

Home Insurance - What Exactly Is It?

Home owner insurance is more than just coverage for storm damage. It is designed to cover all the risks that a homeowner has to deal with in Southern Florida. However, not all coverage is standard so you need to make several decisions.

Who Needs This Coverage?

If you own a house, insurance makes sense. It doesn't matter if you have a mortgage and must insure or you have no mortgage. Your investment should be protected. Even if you own a condo, you probably need to supplement the coverage your condo association has.

Can I Take Out a Standard Homeowners Insurance Policy?

You can opt for minimal coverage and this will include:

  • Hazard protection from wind, rain, hail, and weather related damages.
  • Protection from theft, fire and smoke damage
  • Legal liability protection - covers accidents on your properly which may result in lawsuits.

Home Insurance Options in Coral Springs, Florida

You might want several options with your standard homeowner policy. For instance:Coral Springs Humpty Dumpty

  • Hurricane insurance - this may be mandatory in some areas.
  • Flood insurance - this may also be mandatory if your property is located in a flood zone.
  • Sewer backup protection
  • Loss of use - pays for temporary lodging while your home is being repaired.
  • Increased personal property insurance - for expensive items like collectibles and antiques
  • Replacement cost coverage - allows an adjustment for inflation and increased costs for construction.
  • All peril protection - covers a wide range of hazards
  • Additional liability insurance - important if you own a swimming pool or trampoline, or your home is worth in excess of one million dollars.
  • Earthquake insurance

The Independent Insurance Agency Advantage

Getting the right coverage and not overpaying can be a big task, especially if you are not trained and experienced in risk management and insurance issues. This is where you independent agent from Galt Insurance Group can be of great value. You don't have to compare coverage options, policies, and premiums. Your agent does this on your behalf and because this person does not work for one insurance company, you have the benefits of many insurance companies and the options and discounts they provide.

All you have to do is contact your independent agent and your job is essentially done, while ours is just beginning. We will find you the best possible coverage with the most affordable premiums and you can save a great deal of time, money, and headaches.

Just click on "Find Quotes!" for a free quote on your homeowners insurance. There is no obligation and you also can call toll free 1-800-BUY-GALT or locally at 239-254-0127 for more information.

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