High Value Home Insurance in South Florida

Southern Florida is home to some of the most beautiful residences in the country. From Fort Myers, to West Palm Beach, all the way to Miami, there are many homes worth in excess of one million dollars. These homes need more than standard insurance and should have special high value home insurance policies for maximum protection. Otherwise, you could be taking many risks you are not aware of. Let's take the example case of John and Maria L.

Maria and John had always wanted a custom built home and the couple worked very hard to make this dream happen. John was the CEO a local corporation and Maria was a well respected attorney in the city. They worked with an architect and interior designer to make sure their home was exactly as they wanted it. Even though it costs 1.5 million to build the home, it was well worth it.

John had a friend in the insurance business who worked for a national insurance company. He trusted his friend Jim and wanted to let him handle the home insurance for the new house. However, Maria had other ideas. One of her clients recently told her about the many benefits of using an insurance specialist from a local independent insurance agency. In the fact, the client referred her to an agent that handled many high value homeowners insurance policies.

John and Maria had a heated debate on the subject of insurance and eventually Maria won. She pointed out the importance of having the right kind of insurance for such a major investment. Plus, she also told John that an independent agent had access to many different insurance companies, so he could not only find the right coverage, but save them a considerable amount of money also.

John talked to the independent agent and was very impressed. He showed John several important luxury home insurance options he was not aware of, and the price for the policy was very reasonable. This turned out to be one of the most important decisions he could make.

A year after the new home was built, a tropical storm dumped an enormous amount of rain on the area. It also created dangerous storm surge and John and Maria's home suffered significant flood damage. In fact, it was more than a standard flood insurance policy would cover. Thankfully, they had a custom insurance policy which included additional flood protection. Choosing the right agency can make a huge difference in your life.

What is High Value Home Insurance?

High value policies are designed to protect luxury homes. They offer similar coverage to standard policies but with higher amounts and options specifically for homes worth 1 million or more.

Who Should Have High Value Homeowners Insurance?

Do you live in a luxury home in Southern Florida? Is it a million or multimillion dollar property? You have needs for home insurance that standard policies cannot meet. You need a policy specifically designed for special properties. This includes:

  • Houses
  • Condos
  • Townhomes
  • Luxury vacation homes

Are There Standard Coverage Options for Luxury Home Insurance?

Your residence is not a "cookie cutter" house, and your insurance needs are as unique as your home. However, most homes will need these things:

  • Liability insurance
  • Hazard insurance
  • Replacement cost coverage
  • Flood insurance
  • Hurricane insurance
  • Contents coverage

High Value Home Insurance Extras

An insurance specialist sits down with you and goes over all your risk factors. You may want to consider these insurance options with your policy:

  • Open or all peril hazard insurance - this is much more comprehensive than named peril coverage. All peril insurance pays for all types of damages, except what is listed in the policy. Named peril only covers listed hazards.
  • Umbrella liability - this covers a wide range of problems that may develop, including damages in excess of some claims.
  • Buildings and structures - covers gazebos, water features, swimming pools, guest houses, greenhouses, workshops, and many other outdoor structures.
  • Waterfront home options - can include docks, boats, yachts, and personal water craft.
  • Luxury home contents - this can cover antiques, collectibles, jewelry, wine rooms, home theaters, home gymnasiums, and such.
  • Extra flood insurance
  • Sewer backup coverage
  • Cash settlement option

Why Choose an Independent Agency Like Galt Insurance Group?

Galt Insurance provides the benefits of insurance experts trained and experienced in risk management. We fully understand the Florida insurance market and have access to some of the best insurance companies serving South Florida.

Our people are here to remove the shadow of mystery over things like property insurance contracts and we can be your guide, translator, and advisor. When you buy your high value homeowners insurance through us, you are getting much more than insurance. You also receive professional risk management assistance and personal service. In addition, we can take care of your home insurance needs in other states.

You worked very hard for what you have and it should be fully protected. Let an insurance professional help you get the best coverage for the lowest premiums. Click this link right now for a free luxury home insurance quote. For more information, call toll free 1-844-BUY-GALT (289-4258).