What our Naples Clients say about us

"Ryan Reynolds did a great job educating me about my insurance policy. After speaking with him, I realized I was insured under the wrong policy jeopardizing my chance to recoup compensation in the event of a claim. He handled the transition to the new policy in a very professional manner that caused little inconvenience to myself. I would highly recommend this agent to anyone."
- Robert Fredrick

Mike is our rep at Galt insurance and he is amazing. Last year we purchase our new home and he made sure everything was in order between the mortgage company, the home builder, and the insurance company. He walked us through everything and answered all our questions so that we had peace of mind. After our mortgage company was changed to another company he followed up promptly to ensure everything was done correctly and the appropriate information was on file. Truly great service.
- Janet M. (Parkland, FL)

I've been insured with them since September of this year. I have my auto and homeowners insurance through their carriers. Not only were they extremely competitive the customer service is the best bar none I've dealt with Mike and Libby in all my issues and they have been excellent in addressing them. I highly recommend Galt Insurance group for all your insurance needs.
- John A. (Naples, FL)

Why You Need To Check Your Home Insurance in Naples, Florida

If you were living in Naples, Florida in 1960, you know what you were doing when Hurricane Donna struck. It caused a great deal of damage all through the state of Florida and in 2005 many homes suffered damage from Hurricane Wilma. However, things have been relatively quiet since then, but this doesn't mean you shouldn't be prepared and this includes your home insurance. When was the last time you read your policy to see what kind of hazard coverage and deductibles you have? Now is the time to check these things out so you won't end up like Fred B in our example story.

Fred and Liv bought a beautiful home in the Golden Gate area and it was not far from the elementary school. They knew they needed insurance but thought very little about what was included in their homeowners insurance policy. The couple wanted the cheapest possible coverage and this is what their agent gave them. However, when a strong storm swept up Golden Gate Parkway and across Interstate 75, it caused a great deal of damage to their home and this included flooding. Since they were not in a flood zone, flood insurance was not mandatory and thousands of dollars of water damage was not covered by their insurance. This could happen to you if you don't have the right kind of coverage.

What is Home Insurance?

Home owner insurance is there to cover a wide range of damages to your home. It also protects you from certain legal issues and lawsuits which may arise, because many of these things are very costly.

Does Everyone Need Insurance for Their Homes?

When you take out a mortgage, the lender insists that the home is properly insured, to protect their interests. Even if you own the property free and clear you should protect your investment with the right kind of insurance. This included residential homes, manufactured homes, mobile homes, condos, cabins, and vacation homes.

Can I Buy a Standard Homeowners Insurance Policy?

If you want bare bones coverage you should consider these insurance options:

  • Liability coverage - this protects you from lawsuits and personal injury claims that occur on your premises. It may also be extended to include dog bites.
  • Hazard protection - covers your home when it is damaged by storms or if vandals or thieves do damage to the property. Other damage claims include fire and smoke damage.
  • Building contents - if your belongings or furnishings are damaged, this will cover the expenses. This also includes theft of property up to the limits set forth in the policy.

Options for your Home Insurance

If you have detached garages or workshops, they should be insured. This can also include gazebos, decks, some landscape features and these options:

  • Flood insurance - not standard protection
  • Earthquake insurance
  • Hurricane coverage
  • Sewer backup protection
  • Umbrella liability insurance
  • All peril coverage - this is a much broader coverage option than "named peril" protection.
  • Replacement cost coverage - allows for inflation when figuring a total loss.
  • Your agent can show you other options which may be in your best interests.

Make Sure You Have the Right Insurance for Your Home in Naples, Florida

A home owner insurance policy may contain a lot of insurance terms that you are not familiar with. This is one reason to turn to seasoned risk management professionals at Galt Insurance Group. You have someone to translate policy language into plain everyday language.

Galt Insurance Group is an independent agency which means we work for you. We do business with top insurers and check out all the options for you. This gives you customized coverage that you can afford.

Why spend all your time insurance shopping and comparing when this task can be done for you by professionals? Galt Insurance Group blends personal service with state of the art technology to bring you insurance you can depend on.

It's simple and easy to get a free quote on your homeowners insurance. Just click "Find Quotes!" or you can give us a call at 239-254-0127 locally or toll free call 1800-BUY-GALT.